Saturday, July 26, 2014

Guuseprian Federal Snipers

Federal forces have been acting en masse lately near the Separatist stronghold of Vystok. Spirits have been high among the Federal forces despite heavy losses and costly actions against well defended Separatist positions. The rallying cry of the Federals has been "One battle to break their backs!", but the truth is that the ability of the rebels to hold off the government forces for as long as they have is more of a victory for them than the Federals. The area around the town of Vystok has become a killing field stalked by snipers. 

Federal Snipers take aim at targets of opportunity outside
of the town of Vystok.

These men are part of the recently reorganized Federal First
Motor Grenadiers, a heavy infantry battalion.

These are some of Eureka Minis excellent Modern Russians. The spotter is from the grenade launcher team and the sniper is part of a pack of two soldiers with SVD rifles. Like all the minis in this range they have excellent detail are super neat. They are the first couple of minis that I've finished for my Guuseprian Army relaunch. The originals being also excellent Peter Pig minis that required a bit more work to get them the way that I wanted them. This pair might not be the best to showcase the way I'm painting these new minis since they are heavily camouflaged as befits a sniper team. I should have some more to show with these soon as I also slapped some paint on some MTLB's that will serve as transport for theses brave new Guuseprians. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Who Blew Up That BAWP?!

Beteni-Watusi, Angola 
July 24, 2045

ROPMC units moved in to secure the recently captured Angolan village of Beteni-Watusi after someone had blown up a ROP Army recon BAWP. The village had been flagged as all clear by forward elements of the ROP Armed Forces, so it came as quite a shock that something like this would happen. The BAWP had fallen behind due to mechanical issues so the driver and a small contingent of infantry stayed behind to repair the vehicle. Those plans were shattered like the quiet dawn by a deafening explosion. When the infantry responded all they could find was the smoking wreckage of the BAWP and some small pieces of the driver. It's unlikely that Angolan Army units carried out the attack and given the catastrophic nature of the wreckage it's suspected that some sort of IED or planted charged was used. ROP Air Force drones have been tasked with surveillance alongside ROPMC units that have only just arrived in the area. The commander of ROP forces on the ground had this to say, "We may be on their territory but we have all the advantages in this fight. We will find the villains who carried out this attack, and we will make sure that they meet the justice they deserve." 

Emanuel Ruiz A.P.

ROP Marines secure the blast site as surveillance drones
circle overhead.

Barely recognizable, the scattered remains of the
destroyed BAWP.

These drones give the troops on the ground the kind of
heads up that can make the difference between life
and death.

One thing is certain, after an attack like this the people of
Beteni-Watusi will no little respite from the fighting
men of the ROP.

Just some fun fluff to show off some of my newest additions to the Armed Forces of the ROP. The wrecked BAWP is something that I started on quite some time ago but only recently finished. In games it could be used as a wrecked vehicle marker, or to denote a minefield, or even as a decent objective marker. The marines are part of the almost last batch of ROP Marines, I still have a gun crew, a light machine gun team, and some more regular infantry. Just counting the fully painted minis my ROP Marines number around forty, but will cap out at about fifty minis. The drones are nifty little muggins from GZG, I really like them for light recon sort of drones. In games I plan on using them as spotters for artillery and mortars as well as good stand ins for either air or artillery spotters, after all it's easier to replace a drone spotter than an officer. I have some of the fan style drones as well but they seemed a little chunky for what I wanted in the WIA so they might get used in one of my sci-fi armies instead. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Armed African Civilians

There are lots of reasons for people to take up arms, whether it's for self defense, to conduct an insurgency against a government or to simply impose your will on your neighbors. It seems like there is no shortage to this in Africa, a continent plagued with weak central governments and a proliferation of military grade weapons, that's why I painted these guys up.

I picked some of my unpainted Command Decision Africans,
those with the most civilian looking sculpts.

Then went to town painting them in a variety of bright and
battlefield inappropriate colors.

Of course if you are fighting as part of an insurgency, then
looking like all the other civilians is the best camouflage.

I couldn't resist painting some minis with printed t-shirts.
This guy is trying to look on the bright side.

While this fellow in work pants clearly has a brand
preference when it comes to beverages.

An actual soda from Ghana, Pee Cola. I might make some
roadside billboards to add to my terrain collection.

Not sure if I'll be adding anymore of these to my collection or not. I really like some of the militia from Peter Pig, so they might show up after some time. I thought these could be used for some fun games against the Belgians or maybe in some modern games since I've been wanting to try out Force on Force. Either way they were a lot of fun to paint and helped me get through the monotony another twenty ROPMC, bringing the total for them to around forty infantry, though I'm lagging behind on their transports. I even managed to paint a few more stages on my remaining Angolan Army minis. When I get them finished I'll have an entire reinforced platoon with support weapons; their quality ranging from inexperienced conscripts to well equipped mechanized infantry. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Sudanese Desert Camo Platoon

Fresh from duty within Sudan these Sudanese Army units are still equipped for deployment in the desert regions of their homeland. With just a patchy repaint of green on their vehicles they roll into the conflict area within the Republic of Poliebo. Capable and well equipped, if somewhat wrongly attired, they will prove invaluable in solidifying the gains of the Sudanese Army.

3rd platoon of مطرقة company deploying into forward
positions. A somewhat under strength platoon,
they have two infantry squads, a mortar team,
 a missile team, and command.

Led by the charismatic and aggressive Sgt. Wasi, first
squad has developed a reputation for achieving the

Here Lt. Fazil oversees the placement of the platoon's

First squad's transport, "BARAK" has been modified
with the addition of a bulletproof cupola and
shielded machine gun. A common upgrade
for units tasked with internal security.

All together the men of the "Northern Forces" are likely
to swing the war in the favor of the Sudanese, at least
in the short term.

I really like how they look now that I have enough of them to be a little stand alone force. It's most likely however that the first battle that I will use these minis in is a very large engagement where they will be less than half of the infantry forces involved. I want them to do well but I was thinking of imposing a penalty on them because of their out of place uniforms and camouflage. The best way, I think, is to not apply the usual -1 to hit at long range for the firing units as camouflage is most effective at range. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Breakout from the Uele Pocket

Normally I try to do a blow by blow report with my WIA games but this one was played about a month ago so I don't remember it well enough to do that. I also don't feel like writing that much as it was the largest and longest WIA game to date. Instead I'll give you a brief setup and then some neat eye-candy shots that really stuck out as I went back over all the pictures I took. 

The battle pitted the encircled Sudanese against the stretched thin ROP defense line. While ROP command knew that a breakout attempt was likely they had little idea where or when it would occur. To combat this, units of fast moving motorized troops would be used to plug the gaps while slower moving armor and infantry where brought up to fight off the advancing Sudanese spearhead. With luck and determination the ROP could blunt the Sudanese attack and thwart the breakout.

The battlefield. The Sudanese would enter from the top of
the frame while the ROP's defense would be based on
the outskirts of the town.

Several ROP forward units started the game in position.
This little guy is a Ground Combat Controller waiting
to call in an airstrike.

This deep ravine would be the sight of some very heavy

As soon as the Sudanese tanks entered play they came
under fire from anything that could shoot far enough
to hit them.

Remember the GCC from earlier? Well he was really
bad at his job. That's a ROP tank on the receiving
 end of a thousand pound bomb.

Even with the Air Force dropping ordinance on their own
side, there was still plenty of big explosion landing among
the Sudanese.

Mostly courtesy of this big bastard. All the little smoke
puffs are the ineffectual fire of Sudanese tanks.

Even the BAWP's join in the party, remarkably the light
walkers were able to duel the Sudanese tanks, but
only because they stuck to cover and didn't
get shot at too much.

The battle across the plain was a duel between a couple
of ROP tanks and a half dozen Sudanese tanks.

There was a small battle that played out in the village on the
Sudanese flank. One tank managed to hold off a platoon
of ROP infantry and even brewed up the technical in this

While the Sudanese did really well in the village and along
the road, the duel across the plain turned south after
several good shots from the Type 4000.

ROP infantry pull back into the wilderness after scoring
a good hit on a Sudanese APC with their RPG.

After being relegated to foot patrol the Sudanese
still pushed through the village and turned
the ROP force's flank.

Even though they were losing tanks the Sudanese pushed
forward to overwhelm the ROP positions.

With the village firmly under control, these Sudanese
infantry pop green smoke to signal their victory.

With the battle going bad for the ROP infantry the order to
retreat was given. These men do their best to recover
the wounded and shield the withdrawal of  ROP units.

Other ROP troops take the more direct route of running
as fast as possible down the cramped streets of the

As darkness settles over the battlefield the indomitable
Type 4000 plugs away at advancing Sudanese

In the end it was a Sudanese victory, the encircled troops would be able to push through, link up with their comrades and reestablish their supply lines. This particular battle was a lot of fun and tested how large numbers of tanks played. Surprisingly the infantry still proved very important and capable though they were often out ranged by the tanks and suffered terribly when more than one AFV decided to vent its wrath in their direction. Several times during the game a plucky soldier with an RPG put down a tank or APC but the return fire from the surviving vehicles meant that this wasn't an effective strategy for dealing with enemy tanks. This wasn't African Kursk but it was a neat change from the infantry-centric battles that we had been playing and it leads into the next battle that I have planned. The next battle will dwarf this one with more than twenty-five units per side and over twenty vehicles on the table, mostly lighter transports but that means their will be masses of infantry too. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trans-Humanists Engage CMI Forces on Angelshearth

Angelshearth is a backwater human colony world that has been riven with conflict for decades. The war between corporations, local forces and different power blocks have left the world in a state of decay and its population yearning for stability. Seeking to take advantage of this situation two expanding empires have decided to try and seize control of the planet for themselves, but standing in their way are the same local powers and the stubborn Volochek Respublik. These new aggressors could not be more different from one another, the Conclave and the Trans-Humanist Commune. 

Poverty and deprivation are common to the majority of
colonists on Angelshearth.

The myriad wars have left the planets surface a mix of
crumbling towns and insurgent infested swamps
and forests.

Much of the population have turned their hands to illicit
trades, drugs, arms dealing and even human trafficking
are commonplace.

There are those among the locals that do their best to
ensure safety and stability for others.

The natural beauty of the world of Angelshearth has been
ruined by the many wars and industrial pollution.

Now the Conclave has deployed significant ground forces of the Conclave Militant Initiative to the majority of towns not held by the Volocheks. The Conclave hopes to subdue the populace and install their own brand of government and control. In some places these armed men have been welcomed as liberators, but the majority of colonists simply regard them as a new form of oppression.

CMI forces have been deployed en masse securing many
vital locations on the planet and doing all they can to
project the power of the Conclave.

While the Conclave has wasted little time in taking territory and making their presence felt by the local populations, the Armed Forces of the Trans-Humanist Commune have had to adopt a different strategy. Not having the manpower of the CMI, Trans-Humanist forces have adopted hit and run tactics as well as conducting surgical strikes against CMI strong points. It will be some time before either faction can clearly say whether or not they control Angelshearth.

A TH Mech-Infantry platoon organizing before an attack on
a CMI staging area.

These were some set up shots that I took the other day before playing a game against my friend Aaron. The Trans-Humanists are my forces while the CMI are his. We're hoping to get in a series of games that will be loosely linked to decide the fate of the world of Angelshearth. We tried out a new rule set for our group during this game, PMC 2640: Hell on Echidna, it's a set of free demo rules for the full game. We both liked the rules and might be getting the full rule book soon, but we are also going to try out some other rules as well, so it's a bit up in the air at the moment. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sudanese Supply Shortages

Prior to the Sudanese invasion of the Congo, Sudanese Army units were equipped with drab green fatigues and helmet covers so that they might blend in better with the terrain, but as the war against the Republic of Poliebo dragged on and Sudanese troops had to be pulled from the north they were forced to make do with their basic desert camouflage fatigues.

A recently arrived platoon from the north do their part in
the fight against the ROP.

While all Sudanese Army units were drab khaki webbing
and body armor, northern units typically wear a desert
disruption camo.

Despite their lack of appropriate fatigues northern units are
just as well equipped when it comes to arms and vehicles.

Northern units and southern units can be seen fighting
alongside one another as they fight the forces of
the ROP.

What these really are is me getting bored with painting all my Sudanese forces the same drab green. This scheme is actually easier to paint in some ways as the entire mini is painted khaki before adding the camo spots and detail colors. I painted an eight man fire team and a guided anti-tank missile squad in just a couple of hours, a lot of that time was waiting for paint and washes to dry. there are another couple of infantry squads and some more support teams that need paint. I'll likely paint them in a mix of northern and southern patterns just to keep things interesting. If I get real bored I'll paint some minis in a mix of uniform, drab jacket and camo pants or vice versa, maybe some off color helmets to show resupply or lack there of. Let me know what you think of the camo scheme and if you think i should maybe paint some vehicles in sand color with improvised green camouflage. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.