Friday, September 12, 2014

Chinese Assistance

Officially the Chinese government has only been fulfilling the arms contracts that it has with the nations involved in the conflict in Africa. It sells arms extensively to both the Sudan and to the ROP. Recently though there have been reports of PLA troops on the ground. The government in Beijing has not denied the presence of such forces, and has even confirmed that some small "security detachments" have been deployed to sensitive installations inside of the ROP. These security detachments are tasked with protecting Chinese owned mines and refineries, and to safeguard Chinese nationals within the borders of the ROP. It's an usual situation on the ground in the Republic of Poliebo, while the Chinese are permitted to deploy troops to guard its interests most nations have had their property seized and nationalized by Congolese soldiers.

A Chinese soldier accompanies a ROPMC patrol near a
Chinese owned mine in the east of the ROP.

Chinese troops are on the cutting edge of technology.

This guy is the test mini for my Chinese troops, I thought it would be neat to offset the high-tech Belgians with another representation of a world power's armed forces. I don't intend to have any direct conflict between the Belgians and the Chinese but I do think that the Chinese will start taking a more active role in the fighting against the Angolans. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SOAS Operators

The SOAS are multi-role specialists, able to deal with a variety of threats and take the fight behind enemy lines. What they lack in numbers they make up for with grit and technical edge. On the northern border of the ROP they are tasked with identifying targets for airstrikes and conducting raids on targets of opportunity.

Teams move around rapidly using light trucks and
technicals, but have been known to use civilian
vehicles to avoid detection.

SOAS use higher tech weapons than most of the ROP

Sometimes though an old fashioned weapon is the
best tool for the job.

While few in number their impact on the war has been big.

I'm really glad to have these done so I can add them into my WIA games. The last group of SOAS I had painted up were moved to another front, and have been busy fighting the Angolans ever since. I have some other neat forces in the works at the moment to help shake things up in the WIA. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Angolan Mortars

Like many African forces the Angolan Army makes extensive use of mortars for fire support as heavier artillery is often too cumbersome to move about easily. The Angolan troops are normally deployed as batteries of multiple tubes to maximize the effectiveness of the light charges that they employ. 

Like most units in the Angolan Army, mortar teams are a
mix of regular and irregular troops.

Experienced teams can be depended on to deliver precise
and continuous fire.

Irregular teams are normally led by a more experienced NCO,
and can be counted on to fire in the direction of the enemy,
most of the time at least.

Finishing up more support elements for my Angolan troops. They'll be a big help against the ROP's superior numbers. Combined with the two other infantry squads that I finished but haven't shown, my Angolan forces are pretty much done. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Gruntz in WIA

The WIA has been played using the Bolt Action rules with some home brew mods here and there, as well as unit profiles made to match the equipment and vehicles that are used in the setting. Bolt Action is fast and fun and pretty easy to adapt with some imagination and a little bit of work. However I recently got myself a copy of Gruntz and have been itching to try out those rules. Here are some unit cards that I have designed for that trial game.

I have a few more to make, but these should do the trick for that first game. If I really like Gruntz I'll probably print these up and have them laminated to make games faster and more convenient. I love the Barracks software that I used to make these. It's fun to consider what abilities and weapons you want your units to have, but when you drag a picture of a fully painted mini from your collection into the card it's even better. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Assault on Gobatu

Gobatu rests within the Uele theater of operations not far inside the northern border the ROP. It has been the site of a spirited defense by Congolese forces against the recently regrouped Sudanese Army units. Gobatu has a large Muslim population and boasts several small mosques, it has become the policy of the ROP forces stationed within Gobatu to use these structures as CP's and supply dumps as the Sudanese are less likely to shell them than other commandeered civilian structures.

This game was the biggest so far for the WIA, my friends
Aaron and Chris commanded the armies while I acted in
a sort of GM capacity.

It was full of lots of neat narrative moments, like this one.
Where a Sudanese sergeant rallied his men behind a
BMP before rushing a ROP defensive position.

Here Captain Mogimbo tries to organize the withdrawal of
war materiel in case the town is overrun.

ROP troops try to maintain their position as the BAWP that
was supporting them burns slowly in its dugout.

ROPMC units try to advance on the Sudanese flank with
smoke cover provided by ROP Army artillery.

This concealed ROP T-55 UA proved to be the undoing of
quite a few Sudanese APC's and even a tank.

The ROP suffered heavy losses but managed to hold the
town, thanks mostly to the dedicated infantry teams
that simply would not give ground.

By the end of the game the battlefield was littered with
burning wrecks from both sides, but the Sudanese had
not been able to take the town.

I have to give a special thanks to my friends Aaron and Chris, they were both good sports and without Aaron there wouldn't have been any pics at all since I forgot my camera completely. It was a fun game, but will likely be the last WIA game like it for awhile. We all agreed that it was such a big battle that it was clunky and overly long. Despite these shortcomings we all want to have more games in the WIA setting, but we want to shift the focus from large military engagements towards more complex scenarios involving more future tech and asymmetric forces. I've already designed the next game to try this out. Should be fun as it pits the Belgians and UN forces against armed civilians and militia. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It means pine cone, but to the Federal Army tank crews lucky enough to have it, it means survival. The Shiska system,  a Guuseprian produced armor upgrade package compatible with most armor vehicles, has started to make its presence felt against the rebels. Tanks that were easy prey for rebel anti-tank teams now shrug off rocket impacts, and deliver their vengeance against their attackers.

Here a T-55 has been upgraded with the Shiska package.
The crew have nicknamed their vehicle "BULL".

In direct support of Federal Infantry, this tank will be able
to take the fight to the rebels.

The name Shiska is due to the overlapping layers of armor
and NxRA blocks that resemble the scales of a pine cone.

This is another one of my attempts to use the many T-55's that I had bought, while trying to update it and make it more competitive in a modern setting. It was actually quite a bit of fun to figure out the placement of the armor and convert the turret to be similar to a T-72. Likely to be the only one I do like this for Guusepria, but it's what I imagined the majority of tanks being like in the Federal Army Armor formations. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Killzone in 15mm

This all got started because my friend wanted some of the Gota Clan minis from Khurasan but wouldn't buy them without a reason to use them. When I pointed out they looked like Helghast from the video game Killzone he quickly placed an order for some of them. Having an army of Helghast doesn't do you any good unless you have some ISA to fight, so I decided I needed to be a good friend and play my part in the conflict.

Let's play guess those minis.

Recognize them?

How about this big SOB?

It's a Rhino MBT from Brigade Models.

The infantry are Modern Australians from Eureka Minis.

While my models may not be exact matches for the forces of the ISA they are close facsimiles. Unfortunately for my friend his Helghast forces have been held up due to an abundance of orders into Khurasan. What does this mean for the war between the ISA and Helghan? Stay tuned to find out. Thanks for reading and stay thirsty.